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Tim Meego Tinggalkan Nokia

Beberapa jam setelah Nokia merilis update MeeGo PR 1.3 untuk henpon N9, Sotiris Makyrgiannis, selaku kepala pengembangan MeeGo menyatakan keluar dari Nokia. Bersama timnya, Sotiris telah membuat sejumlah inovasi di henpon N770, N800, N810, N900, N950 dan N9. Ironisnya, tim tersebutlah pembuat pertama aplikasi Windows Phone di Nokia.

Sotiris pun berkicau di Twitter:

After 12 years at #Nokia is time to say goodbye. Last day but I’m going knowing that we created a legendary phone #N9 and we tried hard.

In fact we made more devices, #n810 #n800 #n900 even I was there when #n770 was born. Recruiting top Linux talent from around the globe

From the jungles of brazil, the poor towns of India, the cold city’s of the north… #Nokia meego people were/are The best guys to work

I remember 11.2.11 – was in SF – midnight watching the live stream on the strategy. What a bitter night that was, but also a new start.

Should be told, Nokia meego team was the first to create and publish windows phone applications. 25 of them in 4 weeks time. Learn fast/adapt

Should be told as well, the commitment on not jumping from the platform and staying behind to deliver 3 more releases in 9 months

Pembicaraan mengenai pengunduran Sotiris pun ramai diperbincangkan di forum Maemo. Apabila Anda pengguna Meego dan ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepada Sotiris dan timnya silakan bergabung di forum tersebut.


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